List of tests and services

At the Klinika Bocian, we offer comprehensive diagnostic tests and a range of medical, psychological and dietetic services provided by experienced professionals. Check our pricelist at "IVF cost in Poland"

  • IVF


    IVF is the most advanced method of infertility treatment. We use it if other fertility therapies and treatments are ineffective. Our fertility clinic uses various IVF techniques and procedures which improve the effectiveness of treatment. Read more

  • Insemination


    Insemination is the simplest technique of assisted reproduction. The procedure involves the introduction of properly prepared semen into the uterine cavity. Sperm cells are selected in respect of proper motility and morphology, or structure.

  • Semen testing

    Semen testing

    We test semen using state-of-the-art equipment, which guarantees the accuracy and comparability of results. The analysis covers the general parameters of the semen. We also offer a number of supplementary tests. Read more

  • Hysteroscopy


    We perform two types of hysteroscopy – diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy. This is a gynecological endoscopic procedure that allows the uterine cavity to be evaluated and remove any pathological lesions within.

  • Genetic tests

    Genetic tests

    Genetic tests are carried out in both men and women. They allow abnormalities to be detected which may be responsible for infertility and to assess the risk of genetic defects in children.

  • Pre-implantation diagnostics

    Pre-implantation diagnostics

    Couples which undergo the IVF procedure may also take advantage of pre-implantation genetic diagnostics of embryos – PGS and PGD, carried out with the modern NGS (next generation sequencing) method.

  • Psychological support

    Psychological support

    Prolonged efforts to conceive, infertility and treatment often give rise to a lot of emotions. In difficult times, couples can get help and support from experienced psychologists.

  • Dietetics


    Correct nutrition plays an important role in fertility. When trying to have a baby, it is advisable to balance your diet so that it is rich in essential nutrients, micro-elements and vitamins. A dietician can advise on this.

  • Gynaecology


    We encourage women for regular gynaecological check ups. We provide assistance in case of pain conditions, irregular periods, sexually transmitted deseases and infertility. We help to choose the best contraception method.

  • Pregnancy management

    Pregnancy management

    We provide pregnant women with the best care of experienced obstetricians, who care of the health of future mother and baby. We conduct pregnancy focusing on our patients and their needs. At our clinic we perform all the required ultrasounds, prenatal screenings, blood and urine tests.

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Frequently asked questions

Asked questions

  • 1

    Should I have lab order for the tests?

    You need to schedule the test by phone, Messenger or in-person, we do not need lab order for that. Especially if you need to do blood work, semen analysis or vaginal swabs. Read more

  • 2

    What are the indications for the preimplantation genetic test of embryons?

    Preimplantation genetic screening are done after consultation with the doctor. The indications for this tests are usually female age more than 40 or abnormal caryotype. Read more

  • 3

    How long should I stay if I am travelling from abroad ?

    IVF cycle from start of ovarian stimulation till embryos transfer usually takes around 3 weeks. Read more

  • 4

    Can I start IVF immediately?

    Couple may be recommended to start the IVF treatment already after first consultation if there where certain indications defined towards this type of treatment. Read more